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What is Lawn Aeration

Lawn Aeration is simply put, the mechanical removal of plugs/cores or grass and soil, thus allowing oxygen, nutrients and water into the root system. With the desired outcome of relieving compaction, improving aesthetics and ultimately promoting healthy green turf.

Why Aerate

Like the name suggests aeration, allows your lawn to breath. Heavily trafficked areas, lawn care equipment and even play, gives enough downward pressure to cause a compacted layer of soil and thatch, blocking the pathway and exchange of CO2 and oxygen, effectively starving the roots. When you aerate it gives it that breath of fresh air to the roots and promotes a greener and healthier lawn.


The main benefit of lawn aeration is the reduction of compaction of the grass and soil, this has a flow on effect, that results in better looking lawns that are less maintenance.

Lawn Aeration Also

  • Promotes strong roots
  • Helps break down the toxic layer of thatch that doesn’t allow water and nutrients to reach the roots.
  • Allows better water and nutrient
  • Is believed to be beneficial in reducing injuries for contact sports fields.
  • Promotes healthier microorganisms.
  • Ultimately reduces the dependence on water and fertiliser.
  • Allows water and fertiliser to be filtered through to the roots easier.

Please Check Videos Below to see Aerators in Action